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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Location, Location, Location...And Timing

This Blog post is written by Krista Ferndelli - Writer/Happy Little Treasures Client

This is the 2nd installment of a three part series that will help you develop some ideas about what you want from your photo shoot so it's what you always dreamed it would be! To read the 1st installment "Customizing Your Photoshoot" click here.
On location.

Thinking about places where you relax and unwind, or where your kids enjoy a hobby, or where your family spends quality time together can help you envision your photos. Like to go for long walks after dinner at a park by your house? That might be the perfect place for a couple's anniversary photo shoot. Does your son love trains? His 5-year old photo shoot could happen at the train museum. Have a daughter who loves to swim? Consider the beach or a local pool for her 8-year old photo shoot. Enjoy watching the fall colors change every year? Use that habit for a quality anniversary shoot. Like to pretend? Play superhero or have a tea party! A passion for horseback riding, playing soccer, jumping on a trampoline, playing tag with friends, daydreaming in the garden, reading a book on the patio, enjoying a martini on the deck, or walking an outdoor mall hand in hand can guide a great photo shoot location choice and make your resulting pictures unique and personal. The theme of the shoot (see "Customizing Your Photoshoot") can also make the location less important. Even your own yard can work. Show true personalities using things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sprinklers, fairy wings, flowers, hats, paper airplanes, big colorful bouncy balls, story books, capes, tents, or whatever makes you, your children, or your family relax and just have fun!

Timing is everything.

Soft, natural lighting makes for the very best photos. The optimal times of day tend to be in the morning up until about 10 AM, and in the afternoons from about 3 PM until an hour before sunset, but can vary slightly based on the location you choose. It's best to pick a place where the lighting can be modified if needed (somewhere with room to move so the camera angle can change, or with mature trees or interesting structures that can be used to diffuse direct sunlight and add variety to the shoot). Equally as important as sunlight in figuring out the timing, if the subject is a child who is in the best mood first thing when he wakes up or immediately after her nap, those details can be incorporated into scheduling.


Just remember...

While the details of location and timing can enhance your photos and make for original memories, the whole goal is to photograph you or the people you love with their truest expressions and smiles, without forcing a pose. Let your imagination shine through. And let Little Treasures capture it beautifully for you.


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