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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rock the Shot September Photo Challenge: Laughter

This is a photo from one of my favorite engagement sessions! We had so much fun and Justin and Kimber were so comfortable together as you can see from the photo below. I wish them many, many years of laughter just like the laughter I captured in this photo! ♥

Friday, February 8, 2013


This is my first time entering the Rock the Shot Photo Challenge. : ) This is a shot from little Taylin's "One Year" Session!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Treasures: What's the Difference?

This Blog post is written by Krista Ferndelli - Writer/Happy Little Treasures Client

Little Treasures: What’s the Difference?

This is the third blog in a three part series about what to expect from your photoshoot, written by a very satisfied repeat customer.

I’m a mommy and a scrapper!

Nice to meet you! I am just another mom, who had to get her kids photos done regularly, or miss the years as they raced by. Right now, I have two small kids, I adore taking photos, I appreciate good photos of my family, and I’m a scrapbooker. Not too long ago, I found that the problem with being the photo junkie in the family was that I was not IN most of the photos, because I was the one on the other side of the camera. Since I had my first child, I have been committed to commemorating at least the birthday milestones with a portrait session, and throwing in a couple of family shots (much to the photographers’ chagrin). These sessions at a local department store studio were generally high-pressure events, where the whole family was careful to dress up a certain way, rush to the appointment, then sit around and wait for the photographer who was invariably running late, while trying to keep the clothes relatively clean, the hair mostly in place, the bellies full, the kids awake, and the moods at least at a level that didn't equate with full blown tantrums or emotional breakdowns. After the photos were ordered, I usually got some great shots and was generally happy with the outcome even given the stress of having to go through this exercise every six months or so.

Unfortunately, after a handful or two of sessions like these, I began to notice that all of my photos were relatively the same. There were a few key poses, repeated over and over again, and while I thought they were so cute and original the first time, I began to get irritated with the limited selection of forced smiles and postures.

Enter Little Treasures

I needed something new. Gina at Little Treasures offered to capture candid shots by meeting my husband, my 3-year old and my hugely pregnant self at the park where we liked to spend time on the weekends. I decided to give it a shot. I was just going to try it out, see what happened. But what I got was a whole new world. We just did our thing! We played on the slide and climbed on things and walked hand-in-hand and threw rocks into the water and investigated trees and enjoyed each other.  We tried some activities that Gina had come up with too. And when the photos came back, there WE were. Not just pretty portraits of us, but really, truly US.

I had, in print, genuine smiles and laughter, moments captured when I didn't even notice that Gina was shooting, the exact way my husband looks at me when there isn't a camera, the unique smirk my son only shows when he’s not trying to be anything but the creative, curious little boy (growing up too fast), and my own trepidation and extreme joy just watching them and wondering what my next child would be like. That’s right; I was actually in these photos, taking part in all the living going on and present in the photographic proof that we were a family.

We’ll Never Go Back
My family doesn't dread portraits anymore. We look forward to them. We've used Little Treasures for five sessions now, and after each one, we're already thinking of where we will go next, what the weather might be like, what kinds of activities and interests my kids will have that we can make sure to incorporate,

what great toys or hats or play ideas Gina will have for us to try out, how on earth we will decide between all of wonderful shots she is certain to present to us.

We can’t say enough about what a difference this approach has made in the quality of our photo shoot days (before Little Treasures, my husband was threatening to NEVER get portraits done again, and now he participates willingly!).

I can’t explain in mere words how much positive impact this has had on the beauty of my family’s Facebook pages, holiday greeting cards, the walls of our home, and—last but not least—those cherished scrapbook pages! I love Little Treasures, and I just know that, one day in the not too distant future, my kids will be glad we trusted our memories to such a talented photographer too.

Read Part 1 Customizing Your Photo Shoot. Read Part 2 Location, Location, Location...And Timing

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Location, Location, Location...And Timing

This Blog post is written by Krista Ferndelli - Writer/Happy Little Treasures Client

This is the 2nd installment of a three part series that will help you develop some ideas about what you want from your photo shoot so it's what you always dreamed it would be! To read the 1st installment "Customizing Your Photoshoot" click here.
On location.

Thinking about places where you relax and unwind, or where your kids enjoy a hobby, or where your family spends quality time together can help you envision your photos. Like to go for long walks after dinner at a park by your house? That might be the perfect place for a couple's anniversary photo shoot. Does your son love trains? His 5-year old photo shoot could happen at the train museum. Have a daughter who loves to swim? Consider the beach or a local pool for her 8-year old photo shoot. Enjoy watching the fall colors change every year? Use that habit for a quality anniversary shoot. Like to pretend? Play superhero or have a tea party! A passion for horseback riding, playing soccer, jumping on a trampoline, playing tag with friends, daydreaming in the garden, reading a book on the patio, enjoying a martini on the deck, or walking an outdoor mall hand in hand can guide a great photo shoot location choice and make your resulting pictures unique and personal. The theme of the shoot (see "Customizing Your Photoshoot") can also make the location less important. Even your own yard can work. Show true personalities using things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sprinklers, fairy wings, flowers, hats, paper airplanes, big colorful bouncy balls, story books, capes, tents, or whatever makes you, your children, or your family relax and just have fun!

Timing is everything.

Soft, natural lighting makes for the very best photos. The optimal times of day tend to be in the morning up until about 10 AM, and in the afternoons from about 3 PM until an hour before sunset, but can vary slightly based on the location you choose. It's best to pick a place where the lighting can be modified if needed (somewhere with room to move so the camera angle can change, or with mature trees or interesting structures that can be used to diffuse direct sunlight and add variety to the shoot). Equally as important as sunlight in figuring out the timing, if the subject is a child who is in the best mood first thing when he wakes up or immediately after her nap, those details can be incorporated into scheduling.


Just remember...

While the details of location and timing can enhance your photos and make for original memories, the whole goal is to photograph you or the people you love with their truest expressions and smiles, without forcing a pose. Let your imagination shine through. And let Little Treasures capture it beautifully for you.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Customize Your Photo Shoot

This Blog post is written by Krista Ferndelli - Writer/Happy Little Treasures Client

This is the 1st installment of a three part series that will help you develop some ideas about what you want from your photo shoot so it's just what you always dreamed it would be!

Little Treasures Photography & Design specializes in capturing you, your family, or the special milestones in your lives with candid, on location, natural light photography.  To capture those perfect moments, it’s best to communicate your lifestyle and your vision for the shoot clearly to your photographer.

Coming Up With A Vision - Your Mind’s Eye

Often, stopping to think of what you envision when you think of yourself, your children or your family can help develop the theme for the whole sitting.  Conveying your internal vision to your photographer is very helpful. Do you think of your daughter having a tea party?  Do you think of your son and his love of the woods or the lake?  Do you picture you and your significant other walking in a park or laughing at your favorite restaurant?

Don’t have a vision?  You’re not alone, and stopping to think through your daily life can help to develop one.  Here are a few starting points:

1.      Interests - What do you enjoy doing?  What does your child want to do most often?  Where does your family go for quality time together?  A propensity to play dress up, a habit of picnicking or hiking or city walks or just exploring the backyard, an interest in cars or animals, an aptitude or passion for a specific sport or instrument, a favorite park or coffee shop are all good starting points. The more specific you can be the better. 

2.      Personality - Is your child sensitive, silly, serious, thoughtful, sweet, shy, athletic, curious?  Is your relationship funny, relaxing, adventurous?  Is your family active, cuddly, competitive, outdoorsy, or artistic?


3.      Props – For the most part, props should be kept to a minimum and only used to enhance the object of the photograph.  Some ideas that work well could include a favorite toy or blanket, a well-loved car or pair of running shoes or coffee mug.

4.      Events – If you’re having grad photos taken and the yearbook needs a traditional head shot, if you’re getting photos done at your family reunion and everyone needs to be in one frame, if you’re commemorating a birthday or accomplishment, these are all clear ways to begin to develop a theme or to incorporate some key shots into your theme.  Please communicate the reason for the shoot to your photographer.  Incidental events can make for unique shoots too. For example, it’s your four year old’s birthday, but you also happen to have just announced that he’s about to be a big brother.  Or you’re getting family photos but you also just ran your first marathon.  Or you’re newly engaged, and you also just bought your first home and the SOLD sign is still on the lawn.  These details bring personality to the shoot and illustrate your cherished memories for generations to come.

5.      Clothing – The idea is to draw attention to the people in the photo.  Basically, bright solid colors are pleasing to the eye and pick up natural light, and patterns are acceptable as long as there aren’t several patterns competing with each other.  Think simple and try to coordinate with others who may be in the shots – you don’t all have to wear the same color, but shades of the same hue, or colors that complement each other work well. So, if a young daughter is in a white party dress with green leaves and pink roses, dad might be in a solid green polo and mom in a pink cardigan.  Obviously, clean, un-crumpled clothes photograph better, and jewelry can add a nice touch, as long as it’s kept simple to minimize unwanted reflections or glare.  A few things to avoid?  Exaggerated styles or necklines (deep v-necks or cowel sweaters can limit photo angle options); bulk knits (these add the illusion of extra pounds); elaborate hairstyles or a brand-new haircut; and harsh makeup tones that will be accentuated by the camera.

Before you schedule your photo shoot please fill out this questionnaire for your photographer.

Remember the goal of the photo shoot should be to focus on treasured moments and people. At Little Treasures Photography & Design, we’re committed to helping you preserve your precious memories with photos you will cherish and be proud to share.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lamorie Sneak Peek!

I LOVE doing senior photos. What a perfect, perfect day and what a beautiful young lady!